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Data mining provides practical approaches and tools that allow biomedical researchers to analyze and understand their data and to craft new hypotheses. The workshop will focus on data mining essentials and will cover standard approaches to clustering, classification, regression and model selection, along with several domain-oriented techniques such as gene enrichment analysis. We will work on applications of these methods through a visual programming platform that requires no training in programming. The workshop will provide a basic introduction to the workings of machine learning algorithms, helping you to intuitively understand the data analysis algorithms without having to understand deep mathematical concepts behind them.

The workshop will be hands-on. Please bring your laptop. Prior to the workshop, please:

1) Install Orange, a data mining suite we'll be using at the workshop, by downloading installation package from Orange's homepage.

2) Make sure your installation is running well by following the steps from Welcome to Orange video tutorial.

3) Install Bioinformatics add-on by following the instructions from the video tutorial on Orange add-ons.

You are also welcome to check out the other tutorials from the Getting Started with Orange.

The workshop will be organized by Blaž Zupan, Tomaž Curk, Anže Starič, Ajda Pretnar, and Marko Toplak, all from Bioinformatics lab at Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana (SLO).

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