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Next generation sequencing methodologies

Dalia Daujotyte, Lukas Paul & Michael Ante – Lexogen GmbH





RNA-Seq is perfectly suited for gene expression analysis, and an abundance of methodologies has been developed to optimize workflows corresponding to the respective research focus. In this workshop we will compare whole transcriptome analysis (“mRNA-Seq”) and gene expression profiling (“tag counting”) as exemplified by Lexogen’s SENSE and QuantSeq kits. Research questions (isoform detection vs. gene expression, in-depth analysis vs. replicates etc), experimental set-ups and workflows are addressed, and a Bioinformatics specialist will give a run-through of the NGS data evaluation pipelines and how to interpret results. Participants can have their research question analyzed to get the best return of this workshop. 


Workshop will be held in the Lecture room Z2 at the Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Food Science and Technology, Jaminkarjeva 101, 1000 Ljubljana



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