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Technical lecture- no registration needed 

Thursday 29, September at 14:40


Too much scientific data? Good practices and tools for scientific data management.

Today, labs look very different than in the time of Einstein or Marie Curie. However, due to extreme growth of scientific data, which doubles every three years, over 54% of all scientific studies cannot be reproduced. Every year 17% of scientific data is lost and it is becoming more and more important to have good data management as a scientist.

During this workshop we will talk about different good practices and tools that you should consider using. We will also discuss what you have to watch out for before deciding which practices and tools to implement in your research.


On the workshop we will cover:

  • Electronic data storage: Cloud vs. Local
  • Who owns the data and how to properly share it
  • Paper notebooks vs. electronic notebooks
  • Data annotation and interoperability

Questions that we will address:

  • What in your existing system could be improved?
  • What is the legislation around scientific data?
  • What solutions already exist?
  • How to start with a pilot project?

The workshop will be led by dr. Klemen Zupancic, CEO of the open source initiative sciNote, a collaboration between Gilson Inc. and BioSistemika LLC



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